Andy's 40th birthday

Thanks to you all for attending and making it the night it was. Thanks for the sentiments, cards and gifts. I have some splendid and original new threads now. It seems syze does matter and I should be dead:) The jolly nice portrait will be finding a jolly nice wall to hang from too. The club jacket was a smashing idea and I love it. And I have at least 1000 more songs for my media player....all legal I'm sure, knowing the source;-) Throw that in with the bottles of sour mash and a circle of friends candle holder (how apt) and I will be reminded of the night for a long time.

The DJ was a twat and the dickhead chef forgot to do the curry but the band were really good. Not too sure about one of the guest slots but Connor did well ;-) Bastards. I'll have to give a thumbs up from all of us for Spaceman Dave and Mark, who came as guests like you lot, but as usual worked the gig in terms of lumping, carrying, setting up and doing the lights. I'll be sending Lesley-Anne and Daz all your thanks, along with a bottle or two for their hospitality.



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