The Barflys Rally 2015

And so endeth a rather eventful long weekend at the Barflys.

Me, Fingers, Lainey and Mandy headed off on bikes and trikes on a sunny Thursday afternoon taking the scenic route to avoid motorways. About 20 miles from Tewkesbury Lainey starts flapping her arms about so I pull over followed by Mandy minus one exhaust pipe which has fallen off on a large traffic island. A couple of minutes later its Fingers to the rescue as he appears with Mandy's exhaust pipe sticking out of his rucksack. Johnny manages to re-connect it and we gamble on getting to the rally which proved to be the right decision as we made it without any further mishaps.

Fingers to the rescue as he appears with Mandy's exhaust pipe sticking out of his rucksack

Get into the rally and after parking the trike up the other exhaust drops off! Quick phone call to Baby Dave to bring parts when he comes the following day and it's on to some serious partying with Conan (later joined by Tigger), Cooky and Ju Ju from the Chillouts, the Southern brothers plus Andy Shone and Deb.

On the Saturday afternoon they had the NABD comedy show. Normally I wouldn't watch that, but Andy had told me about this gay Pakistani comedian who shouldn't be missed. Let me tell you, the guy was absolutely hilarious and pretended to take a shine to our Conan. They also had a superb country folk band on called Haunted Souls on in the afternoon who are well worth a look. The Salutation MCC were once again the headline act on the dance floor with some extremely dodgy dancing along with Cooky and Ju Ju kitted up in some extremely dodgy home made garlands on our heads.

On to the evening which was just a blur with Hells Bells headlining and the long weekend had passed by in a haze.

All packed up to leave on the Sunday morning and we got half a mile off site before Mandy's exhaust fell off again. Fortunately we were close to a garage and it was Baby Dave to the rescue with the aid of more jubilee clips. We managed to make it home in one piece via a monsoon in Worcester, ready to recharge the batteries for the Oxleathers next week when we get to do it all again...

It's only rock and roll but I like it.


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