The Barn Birthday Bash 2008


Decorum and etiquette were in short supply at this year's soiree at the Roeburndale Barn. Peace and tranquility in bed should be sacrosanct when the decision is made to retire, and retire is what I did...early...both in the knowledge that although loud and raucous the party rolled on below, the bed-dwelling flat-backs would be left alone to peacefully snooze.


Through the mist and blur of a Tank induced stupor the memory came back...the unzipping, the shaking, the fondling, and the awakening, not forgetting to mention the moving and relocation of the mattress with me still on it. I know the names and faces. It all came back to me in a daymare overnight!

Note to oneself..."accept any drinks from wide Geordies at own risk". Tank's his name and alcohol is his game. Cheers mate!!

Note to oneself..."accept any drinks from wide Geordies at own risk"

These barn parties tend to throw up at least one good belly laugh each year and giggle we did when young Dan was fully initiated into the club. From this point onward Dirty Dan he will be known by, and the pictures surely tell the tale?

Some new developments this year made the barn a better gig, namely LIGHTBULBS and TRACTORS. It's oh-so-much easier to make the return journey on the Sunday without 300 weight of baggage on yer back. Best £2 I've spent in a long time. If only Middlewood Trust could invest in some nice big outdoor bellows for fanning the fire as I now have arms 4 inches longer than before I went.

Good to see Team Newcastle in all their glory as usual and even For-One-Night-Only Alistair turned up! Thanks to Music-Man-Chris for a sterling effort in collecting wood all day and a special thanks goes to Thora for making sure we all aware of exactly whose sleeping bags we were in....... at 5am on Saturday morning!!


Wigan Paul went nuts with his camera, so click for a shitload of pix...

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