Back in the latter part of last year we celebrated Big Steve's retirement from THE DARK SIDE. Yes, Steve was reborn a civilian and we welcomed him back to humanity. No more "plodding" the streets on a big Beemer looking for innocent football fans or law abiding motorists to harass ;-)

So, as ya do, we had a party! Out with "Old Bill, in with New Steve" and a lot of us dressed up like complete and utter idiots but hey...we're OUR idiots so who cares?

We took the Fosters Yard pub in Polesworth and turned it into a....well I'm not sure what we turned it into, but we had a few tarty pink policewomen, the odd jailhouse runaway, a couple of gangster wannabes and a mongrel running around with a flashing blue light on his head :)

The buffet was excellent if ya liked 3 1/2 lbs of raw black pudding otherwise it was shit

Steve however was dressed in his best Salutation MCC t-shirt cos we never told him it was a Cops and Robbers party:) Ahhhh ;-)

The buffet was excellent if ya liked 3 1/2 lbs of raw black pudding otherwise it was shit, saved only by the curry.

The music was provided my Music Man Chris, who was only introduced to the club that night and put in a stirling effort in compiling a load of tunes to have us all rocking.

Alison was given an honourary full club membership for actions above and beyond the call of duty and we welcome her officialy to the Salutation MCC, but as many of you will know she's been here or there around the club since 1994.

There was a bit of logistical engineering to be carried out with 20 or so bodies booked in to crash at our house, but that was helped by Nuneaton Steve choosing the front door step to sleep (oooh babeee..HOW cold ), MTL choosing to go to sleep around dawn, and others taking the camper van and a tent in the garden, but we survived well and all had another good piss up.

So...Welcome in Alison and Welcome back Steve:)







busa and andy

naz and busa

busa and conner

tracey and busa

andy and busa





ian and steve

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