East Midlands Rock and Bike Bash 2005

Thought I'd post up a quick summary of the event.

Started off the weekend with a good ride up from Chippenham on Friday afternoon, met up with Andy and Fran at Andy's house.

I understand this is the first time the event has been held, and was changed from the original location at a castle in Derby to Belvedere Park in Burton. Well the first surprise was the venue, Fran and I were following Andy from his house when he pulled into a car park next to a bowling green in full swing (yes an old peoples bowling green), I thought we were just waiting for Alison and the kids who were in the car, but no, this would seem to be the venue! Anyway, a short ride around the car park opened out onto a cricket pitch and it seems this was to be home for the next couple of nights. Nice and level ground for the tents though.

he pulled into a car park next to a bowling green in full swing

Second surprise was the lack of a beer tent on the site, although there was a bar in the clubhouse. A short trip to the supermarket for some slabs of beer sorted that out. Bite to eat, (thanks Al for the pasta) few beers to carry, and out for the evening.

A quick recce (cos that's all it took) around the site, revealed about 10 stalls, food wagon, small fair ground and a bungee jump crane. Into the bar area and it opened out into a cracking band venue with full stage, (bit like a ballroom though with mirror balls etc) Bands were good, first time I've heard 'anarchy in the UK' done in Dixie style, but believe it or not, it worked. U2 lookalikes did their best to get the crowd going and had a fair bit of success. Plenty of beer etc later, plenty of laughs then Andy, Fran and I were invited back to someones tent to continue, lasted through till early hours.

Next day much like the first, a little bit louder and a little bit worse. Chilled out with a few beers etc through the day, bands were great in the night. Scottish band called Soar Patrol, three big drums and a set of bagpipes, doesn't sound too promising, but believe me they were great, really stirring (they also did a bit of an impromptu stint in the field during the day). Nazareth were great in my opinion, still sounding as strong as they ever did, and I think alot of people were surprised at how many Nazareth songs they actually knew when they played them.

the man was heard to say 'we'll cut it all out and then rewire the bike'

Next day started out as you would imagine with packing up of tents, Fran was first one ready, but in true tradition, progress was halted when his alarm system immobilised his bike and wouldn't disarm. The man in the polyester suit was called, following some fairly major bike surgery got the thing going again. I was amazed, as at one point in the proceedings the man was heard to say 'we'll cut it all out and then rewire the bike' Fair play, he did it!

Departed at about mid day, got back to Chippenham about 3.30 and de rallied in the garden for the rest of the day, ceremonially cut my wrist band off at about midnight. The weather was good throughout, the rally was small but extremely friendly, none of the stalls, fairground or bungy did roaring (if any) trade. The Sally flag, gazebo and camping area was in full show and generated a number of passing, friendly acknowledgments.

Would like to thank all who were there for their company, thouroughly enjoyed partying with you. Great to see Fran again.

Cheers guys


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