The Farmyard Party 2005

No Cars No Pedestrians No Excuses...Tsunamis by appointment only!

Hello All.....the usual No Cars, No Pedestrians and No Excuses banner that MAG fly under for their Farmyard Party was well and truly put to the test this weekend. I eventually turned up not in 4 wheels but on 4 wheels courtesy of the very nice man in a yellow van. It's a little unusual that I don't make it to a rally on the bike but this time was one such case.

big thumbs up for the Farmyard Bike Doctor for lending me a big fat long screwdriver to hit the bike with. Hard. It worked.

Fran was very patient at Ferrybridge services and even more patient following the AA truck up the A1 at the break-neck speeds approaching oh..about 45MPH tops :) Anyway....big thumbs up for the Farmyard Bike Doctor for lending me a big fat long screwdriver to hit the bike with...hard...and it worked (why the twat from the AA didn't give this a go I'll never know now).

The plan to pick up Alistair in Helmsley then went out the window seeing as my bike was going nowhere for a while but he made it in...standing on the edge of the road, thumb in the air. Good effort mate...shame about falling asleep on your feet in the blues tent as per usual!

Good to see Fran back on the road on half a bike and just as good to see Thora on half a seat.

The weather was pretty fabulous with respite coming from the cooling shallows of the river for not only me but half a slab of cider to boot. Seems like the cooling shallows were later to turn to a raging torrent as flash floods hit Helmsley, Sutton Bank and surrounding areas with the A170 around there being shut while I type. Irish fella on Radio 5 this morning describing how he managed to race his bike along the wet grass while being chased by a 4 foot wall of water that was sweeping away portoloos, cars, trade stalls and LIVESTOCK. He says he was lucky to be alive as the guy behind him was caught by the wave and he dropped the bike and legged it up a tree! Thank feck I missed that.

Anyway...great weekend.


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