Faro Rally 2011

We arrived in Faro on Wednesday morning raring to party, and once again were not disappointed. Spent the first day acclimatising with a routine of beach, beer, more beer washed down with giant sized toasties.

On our return to the site it was apparent that it would be far busier due to the fact that Iron Miaiden were playing on the Thursday night. At this point perhaps I should mention the fact that the entrance fee of 45 Euros included three free meals, a tee shirt, rally patch, rally sticker, rally badge and free condoms! Superb value with the added bonus of one of the worlds top rock bands, beer at £1.88 per pint and the beach 10 mins away.

Anyway back to the partying and one of the first people we met was Andy, a guy from Manchester who just happened to have a Wakinyan flyer in his back pocket!

The next day consisted of more beach, beer and Sangria followed by Maiden playing to around 50 thousand people going ballistic. It was then on to the Oasis party tent where we drank until the small hours. This then set the pattern for the rest of the weekend with Hells Bells going down a storm on Friday night.

Somewhere in the blur of alcoholness we then discovered the Jagermeister tent...

Somewhere in the blur of alcoholness we then discovered the Jagermeister tent where free gifts were given out dependant on how much you drank. Needless to say we cleaned the place out of free gifts including caps, tee shirts, key rings and scarves.

Saturday day time was spent in the open air, covered shelter watching a DJ who appeared to be floating on air, stilt walkers in various costumes, drum bands, people in fancy dress and just more total enjoyment. These Meditteranean people sure know how to party and the headline band for Saturday night didn'nt even start until 2.30 am. Fortunately we had the common sense this time to book 3 days in a hotel to recover, as did some other people from the rally who were flaked out by the pool when we arrived.

I can only say if you ever have the opportunity to go, take it.


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