Village Fete 2006

What an absolute sizzler...In more ways than one. By the time we'd pitched up gawd knows what the temperature was suffice to say it was enough.

it was the usual...Tents, booze, jigging around and more booze

Won't go into any details cos it was the usual...Tents, booze, jigging around and more booze.

As a club we are now well respected in the village, two events enhanced our reputation. Late on the Saturday night when the thing was winding, down a group of teens from local villages were giving one of the organizing women a bit of a verbal bashing, so Busa and myself shooed them out and shut the gate on them...Job done. Then on the Sunday morning, all the men who were supposed to take the marquees down, disappeared for one reason or another, so all of us stepped in and cleared the site. They were most appreciative..

Looks like that could be the last one in that format, if there is another event it will probably be an expensive ticket do to keep the yobs out. It may well be that we could be invited to do the security....We shall see.

Those there :
Busa and new/latest/current girlfriend
Richie and Mrs.
Plus the York lot

Commiseration's to Andy and tribe who blew their van up again!!!!!!! AAAAAgh

Next stop...Rock and Blues!!!!!!!



Supervising, whilst Steve does all the work




Another supervisor


Well, I can see Mickey and Steve...


But I ain't gotta clue who this lot are!


And now the camera is Amanda...but Mickey is holding his end up. Or is he holding his girlfriend up?

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