The Kamikaze Cave Run Rally 2005

Just back from the rally and a good weekend was had by all.

Arrived round five on Friday and once the tents were up out came Sids home brew, four two litre bottles later we ventured inside to where the band was supposed to be playing. No band on but DJ playing tunes. Another five pints from the bar and we were all ready for bed still not having seen (at least to our knowledge) a band. While me and Tam sat outside rolling a fag, Andy and Sid staggered past us, looked at us, then wandered off, I turned my back for two seconds and Tam dissappeared too. Having had a quick look round and not finding anyone, I went off back to the tent, the rest arriving some time later. It turns out that even though Andy and Sid had looked at me n Tam they hadn't actually seen us (too drunk to see straight!!!!).

Next thing we knew, this guy decides to strip down to his socks n leather cut off, got on his Harley (which looked like a xmas tree with all the fancy lights on it, in it, n round it!!!) and rode off round the site

So Saturday arrives and so did the rain, on and off all morning. In between the rain showers I went to the loo and stopped for a brew from the "Bikers Mum" stall. On turning round to make my way back I noticed a white transit van flashing it's lights and who should be sat in the drivers seat but Nellie (our helper at Skeggy). Also with him were some old friends of mine from Longridge who it was good to see. Nellie had his Mrs with him, Deb I think she is called and it was great to meet her as she is a good laugh.

When the rest finally got out of bed we took a walk to the "woody's" pub for a couple of jars, well a couple of four pint jugs of "woody's" ale , which went down a treat. A walk back to the site before Andy n Sid took off on the BMW to go to the chippy in Arnside for our tea.

Full with fish and chips we were stood round having a blether when Trevor and Sue friends of ours turned up on site, next thing we knew this guy decides to strip down to his socks n leather cut off, got on his harley (which looked like a xmas tree with all the fancy lights on it, in it n round it!!!) and rode off round the site.

We took ourselves inside for a warm and were soon faced with a plumpish naked (not so young) female dancing down the corridor with a charity bucket tied round her waist. Later still the guy from earlier came riding his Harley down the corridor and into the band room, all a bit of a laugh but he nigh on killed everyone with the fumes. On seeing this Andy and Sid then wanted to go bring their K100 BMW's in together side by side prentending to be darleks, thankfully they didn't, once again too pissed!!!!!

Bedtime came around and we all went of to the tents clutching our hot choclate with brandy, Andy and Sid were also breaking their teeth on bars of "Nutty Crunch".

All in all a damn good rally!

Tracey xxxx

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