East Leeds Lions Easter Rally 2007

One to put on the calendar for next year.

We arrived at around 1.30pm after a good ride in nice, sunny weather and after pitching camp, we cracked open the beers. Mates of mine, Kev n Angie (you met them at my party) were there, so I sent a text to ask where they were camped and got the reply "by the teepees"; on looking around the camping field, we discovered that there was three lots of teepees, all in different parts of the field. They did come wandering by later, so we found out which set of teepees.

The beer flowed and the laughter rang and before we knew, it was time to go listen to the first band of the evening, and true to form, as is when you rally with Sid n Tams, the first night was an early one, especially for Tams who crawled in the tent at 7.30pm closely followed by Sid at 7.35pm. Me and Andy had another wander round the stalls, and then went to listen to the band for a bit, before going back to the tent with Hot Chocolate from 'Bikers Mum.

it was like one of them buses you see in Calcutta, the only thing we were missing was bikers on the roof

Saturday dawned bright and sunny. Sid n Tams eventually came out of the tent and after a brew we got the bus into Otley, which was laid on at a return fare of £2. The journey in was an adventure in itself, with a female driver being constantly goaded by one of the Bridge Rats MCC. We had a wander round Otley, then went and sat in the beer garden of the Red Lion for the rest of the afternoon. Playing it safe, we opted for the 4pm rather than the last bus at 5pm, back to the site, it was like one of them buses you see in Calcutta, the only thing we were missing was bikers on the roof, as you couldn't have crammed another biker inside if ya tried. Having fed and watered with more beer, we went to the marquee for the nights entertainment. And having listened to the bands, drank copious amounts of beer and laughed our heads off with Chris n Gayle from the Ogri MCC (mates of Sid n Andy) we staggered back to the tents, to be lulled to sleep by the sound of fireworks.

drank copious amounts of beer and laughed our heads off with Chris n Gayle from Ogri MCC

Sunday was a windy day, yet blue sky and sunshine prevailed, having had another wander round the stalls that were left, as a few packed up early on the Sunday, and a couple of brews, me n Andy set off to go to 'Squires Cafe Bar' in Sherburn-In-Elmet. A nice 1/2hr ride and we were there, along with around another 150-200 bikers. We were negotiating the car park down to the pub, trying to avoid getting run down by some bike coming from one direction or another, when I heard a voice shouting "Tracey!", I turned round to see Mr Chris sat astride his shiny Harley. A coffee and a chat later, he was on his way, shame Amanda was working, else we would have seen her too.

On returning to the site, we found Sid n Tams horizontal outside the tents, so we goaded them into going to the pub at the entrance to the site for a beer, before going to listen to the bands. The Marquee was quieter, you could get to the bar easily, we got a table and chairs, and you could actually move about with ease. Once the bands were finished we went to 'Bikers Mum' for hot chocolate then off to bed.

We arrived home on Monday round midday, after an interesting ride across the M62. Tams' panniers nearly got blown off and I, for about 10miles, couldn't see a thing further than about 2ft in front of me, as the spray and drizzle in the fog over Saddleworth Moor was not only on the outside of my visor but on the inside too, oh and cos it was sunny when we set off I had my shades on!! I know, I know, but you try taking shades off at 65mph on bike in the wind, fog n drizzle.


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