Memorial Run 2007


As lifestyle bikers, it's a sad fact that we are going to loose friends along the way. Each of them sorely missed by those left behind.

Just because they now ride an alternative route, doesn't mean they are forgotten

Just because they now ride an alternative route, doesn't mean they are forgotten. So with that in mind, we organised our first Memorial Run.

Saturday 2nd June saw a motley crew assemble at The White Lion pub, in the centre of Ambleside, Cumbria. The locals and tourists seemed most bemused by the kerfuffle. Amongst the ranks, were parents of some of those lost brothers.

At the appointed hour, a procession of motorcycles left the pub, to complete a circuit of the town centre, before heading off to nearby Rydal Water, where the ashes of one of the fallen had previously been scattered.

The Prez took charge of events, and read words sent by those who could not be present. Those words echoed across the area and became tears in the eyes of many.

After a time of reflection, Prez produced a tankard bearing the names of the lost, into which was poured some JD. This was passed amongst those present, to drink a toast, whilst 'Rock in Peace' was played on a boogie-box.

After a while, we wandered back to our bikes and set off on a run, taking us through some fine country lanes, to The Station Inn, at Ribblehead, in North Yorkshire. Here we were to party-hearty for the evening - and most of the following morning!

We'll let the pictures tell the story...


If you'd like to see this in Black & White, with a hint of blue...





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