Full Moon Rally 2004

Well it wasn't for Mickey Busa, although the boy tried valiantly, but all in all, the Full Moon Rally, hosted by Lone Wolf MCC, near Crewe, was a pretty good affair. I'm struggling to work out how they managed to make it pay or cut even 'cos the marquee was fairly impressive as were the portaloos. Chuck in cash prizes for the bike show and dirt cheap beer, I dunno how they did it but hey...thumbs up to 'em.

Met a few other clubs and continued with the bonding an all that and looking forward to getting in contact with them lot from Wales who I can't feckin' remember...Mick...what they called again? Busa seems to be getting himself a "reputation" and I suppose podium dancing goes some way to cementing that!! Good effort :-)

Cheers to Big Steve for letting me crash in his tent.

Attendees: Tracey, Wigan Paul, Big Steve, Busa and Moi.


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