Moonshiners Rally 2007

This is a local rally for me, based at the Unicorn Pub, Hampton Loade, Shropshire. I arrived at about 5.30pm Friday night, set up camp whilst it was still light. Unfortunately, once that was done, I made the easiest of mistakes and decided to have a quiet drink in the pub. I had arranged to meet Mick at the pub, once he had finished work and got sorted. In the pub I knew several folk there, the long and short of it was, I got very comfortable. It was now about 7.45, I wondered what Mick was up to, gave him a call as to his whereabouts, to discover he wasn't setting off until Coronation Street had finished. (In all fairness he has been ill.) Mick, with Lesley on the pillion, arrived about 9pm, by this time I was getting extremely comfortable.

Rang Mick, who reminded me that although Coronation Street wasn't on, there was Skating on Ice to be considered

Mick was really quite ill and was burning up with a fever, but still got there. Due to him feeling so ill, Mick wasn't drinking. (see what I mean he really was bad). At about 12.30 am, Mick rode back with Lesley, as he had work in the morning, promising he would return Saturday with Lesley. That's about all I recall of Friday night, perhaps I peaked too soon...

Saturday morning, early weather looked crap, but thought I'd have a ride out on the BMW. First stop Wetherspoons at Bridgenorth, for breakfast. That sorted, the weather changed, beautiful day, rode out for a few hours, returning to the Unicorn Pub about 5pm. It was then I saw I'd had a call off Rort. Returned his call and he was coming down for a drink. Rang Mick, who reminded me that although Coronation Street wasn't on, there was Skating on Ice to be considered. Rort arrived, the real drinking started, then a little while later Mick arrived. I'd been in the pub a few hours, so no idea when Mick "Two Pegs Blackburn" arrived. I left him and Lesley to put up the tent. It seemed to take an age. When he got in the pub, I found that he only had two tent pegs. Mick didn't seem to find this as funny as me, but "Two Pegs", as I started calling him, sorted it out with borrowed pegs and bungee straps, using the Suzuki as a frame - the tent was up. Sort of. The man's a genius.

I was now quite comfortable again and was a bit out of order, finding Two Pegs's misfortune too amusing to let it go. Fortunately a chap who I know, called John, turned up and his misses brought a large, white tent with a red cross on the roof. For some strange reason, (possibly the alcohol), I found this even more amusing than Two Pegs's misfortune. This was all the more amusing, when John's missus started giving us all the dirt about his pink Harley and other stuff too embarrassing to post. However, rest assured Two Pegs was off the hook and Mick, Rort, Lesley and I had a long laugh at John's expense.

The Moonshiners do put on a cracking Rally, I enjoy it each year. Numbers are restricted, but if you get the chance, give it a go.



Mr & Mrs Two Pegs

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