Moxters of Rock 2007

Well, here we are again. Yet another rally season in full flow. Well the bloody rain is!!!

After yet another week of very un-reasonable rainfall, Saturday arrived and with it came a glimmer of summer weather hope! I was really looking forward to getting there under my own little Kawasaki's steam and smoke.

I didn't know the way, so Steve and Maggie persuaded me to accompany them in the car, so the Kwick Kwack stayed at Mickey's shed.

his bike wasn't present, so he had decided that fine tuning of his mean, magnificent tummy required attention

Very shortly we touched-base at Andy Prez's house. Had a cuppa, a laugh and looked at Andy's new chicks - well newly hatched Lovebirds, Andy "a grandad"!

Suddenly, we were on orders to leave without further delay, debate or discussion, Steve had made a decision. Wow! He was thinking about fine tuning, of course...his bike wasn't present, so he had decided that fine tuning of his mean, magnificent tummy required attention - and off we went to KFC for corrective therapy, on pigged out strategy.

We arrived at the rally site, "The Victoria Biker's Pub". I had heard a lot about this great place and I wasn't disappointed. Due to the Squatter eating marathon, despite a daft o'clock start, we were lucky to get a spot for the tents! They were up in no time after. Andy Prez turned up and helped, in the Blue Mystery Machine less scooby doo and lovebird chicks, but with cider and whisky, or did Mickey bring that later???

The bands were a great standard. As we expected, Mickey rang to say he would hopefully be finishing a little early, but as normally happens, he got involved and he rang as he left Wolvo at 5.15 pm.

What a surprise! 5.55pm here arriveth Mad Mickey on Harley? Are they supposed to be that quick?

The bands were great!!! The bands got greater, then we adjourned to Andy's Mystery Machine for more, well Jim Beam and Jack Daniels company...more bands Guns and Roses were wicked, then Ossy Osbourne was more Ossy than the Ossy!

We left the site before Squatter, is this a first?!

Then, Mickey went mad and went to the posh wedding opposite. He came back and said he had spoke to guests and had a couple of cocktail sausages. Steve questioned him, so off went Mickey, back to the wedding and seen in the disco area, through the windows etc., for 5 or 10 minutes, dancing but looking a little out of place in bandana, shades, colours, leather jeans and boots. Eventually the groom introduced himself to Mickey, who congratulated the man and asked him to pop over to Syze's van if he was bored. He thanked Mickey and somehow looked relieved that he was about to leave... he had obviously had a bad day! Next up was wedding day fireworks. Mickey appeared to be suffering shellshock and went into ambush mode, with a virtual combat attack like a rabid action man, returning virtual gunfire, rolling and launching virtual grenades at the hostile wedding potential attack.

We went to bed and what a harmony Steve versus Mickey in the snoring, superb nights kip NOT!!! Then got up and went to work for 11am with Mickey on his blue half a ferguson. We left site before Squatter, is this a first?!

Present Me, Mickey, Syze, Steve, Maggie, the bride groom and several very amazed wedding guests, thanks for reading this crap.

Lesley aka Mrs Busa

PS. I have to live with him most of the time, as he would say - "how do you feel about that?"

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