NABD : A poem by Alison

It was a lovely warm weekend in May
When we felt that we needed to get fresher
And what better place could we go
Than a field in posh leafy Cheshire

The sheep shit was lovely and soft
And great when it entered the tent
On the bottom of all of our boots
We soon got used to its scent

Mick the Lick rolled hundreds of spliffs
Before going down to the local pub
He spent the rest of the time just chatting
No time for sleep or for grub

Mickey Busa met up with his woman
And disappeared inside his tent
He provided us all with some goodies
After shopping, where money was spent

Now Squatter Madras overdid it
Fell asleep whilst drinking his beer
Was surrounded by empty tinnies
Knocking them over - which caused a great cheer

Naz started bonding with kids
There's even photos on line for proof
Where he's helping the kids to build towers (ah)
And smiling as they're nearing the roof (ah ah ah)

Trace provided free motorbike rides
The kids thought that it was great
She'll probably soon regret it though
As the kids will soon bug their new mate

Dave and Thora provided the campfire
Keeping us all warm at night
Whilst sitting outside in our winter woollies
Oh what a wonderful sight

The weekend finished with a kid going missing
Found steering a bloody old hearse
But all ended well - a great time was had
That's the end of this naff verse


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