Celtic Riders - 16th Miles from Nowhere Rally 2007

Me, Andy, Sid n Tams went to the above rally at the weekend hence not being at Stormin'.

Once we arrived we rode across the very bumpy field and set up camp. Out came the beers and the nights drinking had started, a few cans later we went across to check out the beer tent fully expecting to be stopped from taking in our own beer, did we get a surprise when we just walked straight in with no-one stopping us, we discovered we could even smoke in there too!!!!! On stage was a band with very familiar faces (least to me), it was Doghouse (who played at our do in 2002), so after they had finished I found my way round the back of the stage area and went in to have a chat with the guitarist, again no security stopping ya getting back stage. The final band of the evening was an AC/DC tribute who were very good. We headed back to the tents for bacon butty supper and bed, this was round 1.10am, yes even Sid n Tams were still up at that time!!

there was a thunderous rumble coming down the road and a line of NCC guys came onto site

Saturday dawned a bright sunny day but the clouds soon started to gather, thankfully the rain held off and we had a nice chilled day, there was four stalls to go look round and whilst doing that we bumped into Doghouse's lead singer so I had a chat with him too. He was saying they have played down in Builth Wells before and would be happy to play there again if we get involved with the Lunancy thing next year.

Didn't get to see the bands on Saturday as it was too nice to sit in a beer tent so we listened to them from outside, don't know who they were but they sounded good. Round 8.30pm there was a thunderous rumble coming down the road and a line of NCC guys came onto site. Again it was gone 1am before we went back to the tents.

Sunday, home day again dawned nice and sunny and since we didn't have a long ride home we didn't rush to get off, thankfull though that we got back to St Helens before lunch time as it hoofed it down all afternoon, sorry no pics as phone had low battery and didn't take a camera.


Got a pic from Andy!


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