Rock & Blues 2007


Rock & Blues. And brown.

Well, after the warnings all week, we got a lift there in a mate's car, and hiked into the site with everything in two huge rucksacks. Wasn't too bad a walk in, till you got to the bit where you paid and got your wristband. After paying, all traffic was directed to the right - into the swamp. It was difficult enough to walk through, but bikes were just not moving. Their back wheels were moving - very fast round and round, sometimes sideways, but definitely not forward!

We found Andy Fatlip about 50 foot away, looking rather muddy. Squatter then helped Thora and I to find the spot that Beetlejuice had taped off for the Club. Many hands make light work. The tent was up. Not the best job ever done, but at least it was quick, so we could get out of the rain!.

Apparently, at this time, Fatlip had decided that throwing himself headlong into the swamp was a good idea

Apparently, at this time, Fatlip had decided that throwing himself headlong into the swamp was a good idea. Well, it certainly made me laugh when I saw him. He was not gonna get the same reaction from Tracey, though.

A couple of hours later, Tracey arrived at the site, so Beetlejuice and I went to the swamp to help her in. She asked both Beetlejuice and I to ride the bike - but neither of us wanted to! We were quite happy to man-handle her and the bike through the swamp, to a spot near Fatlip and his tent.

And Phil arrived at that precise moment, so we dashed off to help him through the swamp, too. The prick in front of Phil didn't seem to understand that in muddy conditions, second gear and low revs worked better than first gear and a fistful of revs. The result being three blokes and one bike, completely covered in shite! Marvellous!

At some point, we set off in search of food, alcohol and entertainment. I spotted a fantastic looking purple bike, and stared at it for ages. (And went back to look at it many times). It continued to rain. It continued to get more muddy. We continued to drink. And listen to Dirty DC pump out some good rockin' music. You can guess the content.|

Friday dawned windy but dry. Thank God! So we wandered and eat and slept. The usual R&B things. Before setting off for the arena, on what was in previous years the bike/camping area - which seemed to give us a bigger area to enjoy things. Like mud.

The Animals (Yeah, those Animals!) were on stage when we set up shop, and they were bloody good. Next came The Pat Savage Band, who were shite. Followed by the Levellers, who Phil said were just "Too quiet". We wandered, we drank, we went back to the tents. Where we continued to drink and talk shite till dawn broke! Perfect evening!

Then, when you didn't think it could get any worse - it did! The Michael Schenker Group went on stage.

Saturday was weird. It was dry, but the sky looked odd...we knew rain was gonna come at some point...

We wandered around again. Visited the Bike show (which had been postponed for some time) to discover THAT purple bike had won best in show. Hardly surprising...

When we all descended on the arena for the Saturday night entertainment, GMT were on stage. Boy, do I wish they weren't! And it started raining. Then, when you didn't think it could get any worse - it did! The Michael Schenker Group went on stage. Fuck me, they were bad! On a par with that other band that drove us nuts at last year's Farmyard Party!

Our numbers grew smaller and smaller, until there was Phil, Thora and I, stood in the cold, soaking rain, to watch The Scorpions. They were good. But after a few songs Phil gave up. Half a dozen songs later, Thora and I headed for home...

Hard to sleep with quite a racket going on. And I wanted to get up at 5am when some wanker was walking across the field shouting "Bikers are gay!" What the fuck are the organisers doing, letting THAT sort in there, it's a Biker's Party, not a Rave.

Sunday was sunny! Just in time for us to pack up and piss off. So we did.

Wigan Paul

Whats this Fatlip bollox??!!

Andy (Fatlip)


Muddy Fatlip - and a clean Thora




Moody sky


Sunset over Beetlejuice's tent


Another moody sky


A long purple bike.


and again...


nice fat back end...


Err...the moon


Who springs to mind?


Lovely and cosy

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