Sonic Rock Solstice 2005

Naz and Joan arrived Thursday evening where Naz's bike had an encounter with the road and lost. Seems like Naz enjoys chucking his bike on the ground. Nellie arrived Thursday night also but spent some time in a local boozer attempting to recruit some natives, seeing as 14 of his party pulled out at the last minute. I arrived Friday morning after a very enjoyable ride through Nottingham, Grantham, Boston and Skegness.

Alistair, Tracey and Mickey arrived during the afternoon and evening where Micky was called to a security alert without having time to unpack and pitch-up. Baptism of fire I think they call it.

it rained all through the night after the first day's events and washed-out the stage.

The site is on farmland which houses a pub and a couple of camping fields. The pub itself had a side stage while the main events were held in a Billy Smarts circus type marquee, a la Hawkfest which did well until it rained all through the night after the first day's events and washed-out the stage. Saturday's events were then moved inside.

We were ever-so-slightly overwhelmed due to the limited numbers of the team and Naz and Joan seemed like a permanent fixture on the main-gate for two days....finally leaving the post Saturday night around 8 0'clock. Prior to that we had only two security alerts. One call from the pub gaffer who wanted a punter sorted out for drinking his own ale in the festival site (they were warned) and the other call from the stage-crew to evict an overly excited reveller from the stage. Has to be noted that he was rather big with some rather big mates too. We might have lost that battle but the war would have been ours come the morning.

Hard-core mate, that's what you need, not feckin' hay!

Well...come the morning come the rain and it came all day. Soaking most of us at some point and tearing up the camp-site to boot. Us switched-on-cookies could see the problems about to be caused and we moved our bikes off the mud...just...and onto terra firma. Cars and vans were getting stuck so much that the farmer had to come down with a ton of straw to build a road. He obviously hasn't read the ditty about the 3 little pigs. Hard-core mate..that's what you need, not feckin' hay! In fact at one point a revving car stuck firmly in the mud heated up so much so that its exhaust set fire to the field. Fire extinguishers were called for but I sorted it out quicker than that with a strategically placed bucket of water.

Other activites worth a mention would be the shennanigans by Mickey on the road at Alpha Gate, as can be seen by the photographs and the boogying in the bar when the crew started to party on Saturday.

Mickey didn't bother with his tent for the two nights, choosing Billy Smarts on Friday and a setee in the pub on Saturday. I decided that my tent plus the pool of water forming in the bottom was a bridge too far for my liking and the bands chaging room was my bed for the night.

Sunday saw decent weather and a dry ride home for Alistair and I at least. Don't know how the Northern Monkeys faired but good luck to 'em.

Tiring weekend.....but a good laugh. Nellie and Dan both good eggs even if they did do a lot of pharmaceuticals between them on day one :)

Look forward to the next festy with relish.



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