Sonic World Festival 2008

ian in pink good was the weekend? Twelve odd bands and I didn't get to see more than 10 minutes, but who cares...I thought the weekend was ace! We were there to work as security / marshalls for the Sonic World Festival organised by Jane (Jules), one time dancer for Hawkwind and Dr Hasbeen one time space rock musician...only jesting...the good Dr Martin still knows how to knock out space rock :) Duties were simple and standard and this time we had a decent sized crew of around 16 people including 6 "guest" workers, Dave Cartwright included. Good to see Dave again even if he only wears t-shirts that match his bike in colour...marmalade :)

The organisers were very good to us and kept spirits high in the eye of the storm (well the very fierce wind) by throwing crates of ale at us

Tracey was first on site, arriving on the Thursday, while I arrived with Music Man Chris around mid day Friday, closely followed by Naz. We set up the main gate checkpoint and campsite checkpoint and went to work, helped by the timely and welcome delivery of 3 crates of ale, courtesy of Jane and the good Doctor Martin.

Other members arrived throughout the day to augment those already on site and by the early evening we had Paul, Ian, Beetlejuice, Alison, Thora, Big Steve, Maggie, Karen, Ely Paul, Windows and Dave all mucking in. Suzie and Dan turned up Saturday to complete the party. Included here is a bundle of kids, who all threw on fluorescent jackets and played their part....Katy, Alex, Joe, Megan, Chloe, Issy and Cait...Kait....oh bollox...Baby Beetle then :)

The organisers were very good to us and kept spirits high in the eye of the storm (well the very fierce wind) by throwing crates of ale at us throughout the day. Jane also spent some considerable time during the previous few days, knocking up a fair amount of scran for us - and it went down well. Cheers for that effort...much appreciated. Thanks also to Leeds Suzie and Ammo Amadeus for the improvised site kitchen, aka small caravan:)

Four of us nipped back to Tamworth on the Saturday, to eye-ball the Grubs rally, on the site we are holding ours and it was beneficial in more ways than one...and Ian even managed a shower and posh poo round our house :)

Back on site a few hours later and glad to know that no security issues had to be addressed. In fact there were only a few minor issues over the weekend in all and that's testement to the visibilty and flexibility of the crew and also the good nature of the punters...most of which were too COSMIC to cause any mither if they wanted..hahah!!

On a personal note I don't care if you think Ian cooked the Ham...

'cos you all SAW my hole-in-one ;-)



Many, many moons ago, when members were asked to marshal an event, I asked "What do we get out of it?" was a badly phrased question (as we all know how emails can be mis-read), but an honest one. I genuinely couldn't understand why you wanted to give up your valuable private time, to get fuck all sleep, no time to party, stand in the cold for hours, not get fed properly, etc, etc

So it was with some trepidation, that I agreed to wander over to The Sonic World Festival and help marshal the event.

Well, it was very, very windy and quite cold (for July!!!), I stood around for hours, I got very little sleep, however I DID manage to party a little on the Friday night.

But now I understand...the camaraderie is what you get out of it. Sign me up for the next one, it's damned good fun.

Wigan Paul

Hey, you wonderful boys, girls and kids of same...copy and paste this into whatever kudos blurbspace you have on your site, cause you are about to get a big up from me (J) himself, (Snake) and Dr H./p>

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your work at the SWF, much appreciated. I firmly believe that your presence made the event the wanker free event it was.

We will be coming back for you next year, but this time, we will be getting you a proper kitchen, better scran, maybe a chair or two and a non bendy spoon to share, and you might even get your own lav with non-scratchy paper, sadly we cannot stretch to a flunkie with a soapy sponge on a stick just yet....No knives or scissors lads and lasses, cause Beetlejuice cannot be trusted without adult supervision...

I'm gonna send you a few pics of the bands onstage, including self in posh new dress that you all ribbed me about, tucked into me knickers, to stop me tripping over it...

Nip over to (Link doesn't work) and (Link doesn't work) to see all the lovely comments, cause you lot had a major part in making that some f*cking amazing event.

Thank you muchly, hugs all round. X (J)







beetlejuice and thora


How's this for breastage, Andy?









And then there's Andy's pix...



Naz and paul







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