The Sportsman's 2005

Would just like to give my thanks to all who made the bash possible at the weekend. I think it's fair to say that Rick has been the driving force behind the gathering, well done mate. We were not only provided with a really warm welcome, fantastic location and hosts but Rick even managed to provide us with the company of a group of bikers who seemed to embrace for me, the whole ethos of biking, no attitude, good company and a committment to the bike scene, I'm sure I'm safe in saying our collective respect should go out to the Bridge Rats.

On to observations from a Sally perspective, first thing I'd like to say is that representation was a little thin on the ground, this probably made it a more personal event for those that were there. I'm sure that those that couldn't make it had valid reason.

in reality we got lost, nobody met up as arranged and Naz and Joan sat in the pub car park waiting for the pub to open

Proceedings got going with the usual blend of superb navigations, sound communications and precision rendezvous, well in reality we got lost, nobody met up as arranged and Naz and Joan sat in the pub car park waiting for the pub to open or other members to turn up.

Down to Ricks for refreshments, a few events in relation to our esteemed Prez. He saw a naked man rock climbing, a porcelain crapper sat on top a a crag in the middle of nowhere and he was on the look out for a dinosour that he had been assured had been spotted in the area. I kid you not. (Good gear Andy). Mind you, Joan said she thought she maight have seen 'something pink' in relation to the naked rock climber. Maybe a case of 'passive smoking'.

Base camp established, the evening got under way with beers in front of the pub open fire (am I painting a romantic picture or what). Throughout the course of the evening it was good to see the Sally contingent building up as folk arrived from their various committments around the country.

Entertainment was provided by an excellent band who seemed to capture the mood of the evening really well, but why did they play the death march? But really, they were tops, and responded well to more than one encore. Another musical interlude was provided by young Joe, he started his set following a great redition of 'hey Joe' by the band, ironic or what. Joe's set was excellent to the extent that he generated some further invites to play locally. There was a fair bit of chest swelling from Rick, and so he should, his lad did him, and us proud, well done Joe.

The evening was given another reason to celebrate with our prez's 40th birthday, happy birthday Andy. The fact that turn out wasn't fantastic had 1 positive in that we all got a bigger slice of birthday cake. On the subject of food, the catering provided was spot on.

Well I'm sure all that attended have their own memories of what made it special for them, I certainly glad I made the effort and enjoyed it.

Cheers everyone


I'm not 40 as well you feckin' know Taff! Good write-up however. You missed the bit about being invited back by the "famous 5" for the Rocky Horror Pub Show on the 30th Oct, The magnificent breakfast and Naz's disappearing act in the morning!

Great effort on the part of Busa as usual. Not only turning out even though he was at work in Birmingham 'till 7pm and back in the morning for 9 but he did it on a bike with a fucked shoulder (you need to learn how to ride mate!) Lessons in committment there says I...what say anyone else? Good effort on Ian's part also to be fair. Bike off the road and a perfect excuse not to make the journey but he jumps in the works van and drives up from Wiltshire (picking me up en-route). Well done to you both. Good to see the return of Joan and Fran and thanks to Rick for sorting this out and fair play to young Joe. Showed some bollox did the lad. We shall without doubt return to the Sportsman's in't middle of nowhere again.

Well done those that dug-out!


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