Swallow Falls Sonic Rock Chill 2004

Well I was worried that we'd be made to look total cocks but the weekend went very well and Salutation MCC came away with brownie points. Big thanks to Team Snowdonia for their time and effort. Naz from Wednesday through to Sunday...first on - last off, Tracey, Alistair, Busa and Katy - daughter number 1.

The site is an old hotel with plenty of character, a youth hostel to the side and a function suite glued on the end. The campsite is a terraced hill with a large flat space at the top of the hill which backs on to a forrest. Nice spot for a bonfire and there was a nice one going all weekend!! Showers, pot-washing area and proper toilets all available and just across the A5 a couple of decent waterfall ponds for that early morning dip for the brave or stupid.

Our task was pretty simple. Main gate duties and all that's involved, which included cutting of the circulation of blood to peoples' hands with yellow tie-wraps and "back-stage" security which meant playing little Hitler if inclined to do so :)

Katy asks him why his jacket is all sparkly. No response. So she asks again. He moves away and she follows

As can be expected at a Mark promotional entitled "Sonic Rock" we had the usual suspects....Quimbys, Harvey Bainbridge, Assasins and the other ex-Hawkwind rock icon whos name slips the addled brain right now. Funny as fuck mind...ahh...Nick Turner...that was it. Anyway...funny as fuck...Nick Turner is getting ready with shiny sequined stage jacket and Katy asks him why his jacket is all sparkly. No response. So she asks again. He moves away and she follows. Still no response. He moves still further away and Katy follows closer. It's like the guy was trying to swat a midgie....Then she trys to tell him that his collar is sticking up and he needs to put it down. Well it was of those Dracula / Eric Cantona collars. It's MEANT to be up but that doesn't satisfy Katy...Oh no. "Excuse me...do you know your collar is sticking up?". I had to grab a kleenex...he wasn't happy. I don't think he likes kids :)

Both nights ran smoothly in terms of security. We had a 12 man stag party on for the weeeknend and between ourselves and the Army, we kept 'em under control...but I think the man on the hill with the pills had summat to do with the karma too :)

There's a lot to be said about bunk houses. We took two rooms in the bunk house with kitchen and showers...pure feckin' bliss. I hate tents. I can see us partying here again, but under our rules of engagement.

Great weekend...hippys, stags and soldiers...chuck in the obligatory mad women (lost keys) and Tequila and bingo, great time available for all...thanks again team who came. Those that didn't missed out on another Salutation MCC experience. You make your choices.


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