Tank : A poem by Lindy

Tank went on his holidays
With Mam and Uncle Andy
He met the Salutation lot
And thought they were just dandy.
A weekend camping in a barn
Miles off the beaten track
Lots of drinking later
Tank fell on his back.
He also fell in the river
Not once but twice I think
It might have been the darkness,
But was probably the drink.
He made new friends and had a ball
Gave cuddles out to one and all.
A special friendship he did form
When at night he wanted a warm
Who's that beside me Tank did natter
Shhhh said Mam it dosn't matter.
It does cries Tank, I need a cuddle
He rolls over, asks can I snuggle?
While all collapse and roll about
Suddenly Tank gives out a shout
It's not puffery he does declare
to all awake and lying there
I've got me jeans on,
It's all right
I just want a snuggle
And a cuddle for the night.
His new friend gave in
Stopped being so coy
Thanks to Mitch for cuddling the boy.


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