Tracey's Birthday Do

Tracey's 40th was great, and despite my confusion over who was bringing what food, we managed to get a good buffet together! Thanks to Andy Pres for going out to get the missing pizzas!!!

I bet you can't remember many other words apart from SHE WAS A QUAKER!

The musical entertainment was extremely amusing - Mitch, Andy and Rick! The made-up songs had us all in stitches - I bet you can't remember many other words apart from SHE WAS A QUAKER! Or was it because SHE WAS A CATHOLIC!!!

Oh, and the dancing!!! Watch out for the video release of our Pres doing a turn in the Conservatory!!!

Well done to Tracey's Andy for managing to keep it a secret from Tracey. Unfortunately Paul and I were the only ones to surprise her with party poppers and silly string as she came in the door, but she was still suitably shocked!!!

Thanks to Andy for breakfast too, and I hope we didn't leave your house in too much of a mess!!!

Finally, welcome to our new member, Lesley. It's great to have another female on board!

Here's to the next time we get together.

Love to all


Thanks Trace. It was a great party....and a great sing-a-long again. I think it's because SHE WAS A QUAKER!!


Really enjoyed the party. Thank's for being 40 Tracey! Thank's for looking after me Andy, gears changing perfectly.

Home safe and sound.


I suppose you all and a great time...........Bastards!!!!


BIG THANKS for the party last was great to see those who could make it...and those who couldn't were sadly missed.

I had a great time and hope you all did too...and got home safe.





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