Christmas Party 2007


Blimey, it was a cold one!...

Thanks to all for a great weekend. Great venue, fun pass the parcel and somehow not much washing up thanks to Trace and Joan, who didn't leave the sink once the washing up liquid arrived.

Hope you've all thawed out.

Love, Ali xx

Arrived home at 3.15, after doing 60 miles rather than the 101 it took me to get there. Wasn't too cold untill I got a few miles north of Stockport, then the temp dropped quite significantly. Stockport is a bastard of a place to get through. Circled the town twice trying to find my way on to the M60 in the correct direction!

Aynway, a great weekend, thanks everyone and Merry Christmas.

Rick, (aka Frosty the Snowman)

Hi all. Back safe. You did well keeping warm till Stockport fingers froze all the way home.

It was pain!

Cheers all


Wigan Paul went nuts with his camera, so click for a shitload of pix...

busa and leslie

ali and leslie


busa and beetlejuice

busa and leslie

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